Doktorandrådet 2019

Lucia Gutierrez Loza,  Niranjan Joshi och Emma Rhodes (ersättare)


General study plan

Goals and regulations

Guidelines for supervisors

PhD handbook

Post PhD planning


Swedish water house   

Scholarships via UU

Swedish Association for Anthropology and Geography

Stockholm Environment Institute  

Uppsala University Career office

Uppsala university Career gate 

Career days (a broad selection of topics and events outside UU)

Mentor4Research (collaborate with a mentor to commercialize your research, and get in touch with companies outside the university)

A-kassa (Unemployment benefits. Apply at least 1 year before the end of your PhD!!) 


Previa (including options for stress prevention and management) info här


Student union Doctoral board

External Funding

Teaching hours calculation

Stress and Crisis Inventory (English)(Svenska)

Introduction to PhD studies presentation