About us

The Air, Water, and Landscape Science programme (Luval) is the largest research programme at the Department of Earth Sciences with around 70 employees and some 30 other collaborators (guest researchers, emeritus professors, industrial PhDs, etc), of which more than 30 are PhD students and post-docs. We are an international group with people from more than 15 countries and carry out research in all parts of the world.

The programme has its roots in the previous Departments of Meteorology and Physical Geography and we carry out both applied and basic research. An important part of our research is done in the field, not least at our field stations.

Program for Air, Water and Landscape Sciences

Head of programme: Professor Veijo Pohjola, veijo.pohjola@geo.uu.se, 018- 471 2509
Director of studies: Rickard Pettersson, rickard.pettersson@geo.uu.se, 018- 471 2525
Director of studies: Erik Sahlée, erik.sahlee@met.uu.se, 018- 471 2569

Director for research studies in Meteorology: Anna Rutgersson, anna.rutgersson@met.uu.se, 018- 471 2523
Director for Research Studies in Environmental Analysis: Giuliano Di Baldasserre, Giuliano.Dibaldassarre@geo.uu.se, 018- 471 7028
Director for Research Studies in Hydrology: Auli Niemi, auli.niemi@geo.uu.se, 018- 471 2263
Director for Research Studies in Physical Geography: Veijo Pohjola, veijo.pohjola@geo.uu.se, 018- 471 2509

Financial officer: Ingemar Larsson, ingemar.larsson@geo.uu.se, 018- 471 7190

Visiting address: Geocentrum, Villavägen 16, 752 36 Uppsala
Postal address: Villavägen 16, 752 36 UPPSALA