Presentioner av masteruppsatser i hållbar utveckling

  • Datum: –15.55
  • Plats:
  • Arrangör: Institutionen för geovetenskaper
  • Kontaktperson: Malgorzata Blicharska
  • Seminarium

Presentationer via Zoom.

Tisdag 26 Maj, ZOOM

25-28 May, master students in Sustainable Development will present their thesis.
The presentations will happen via zoom and anyone interested is welcome to join all or some of the presentations.

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Meeting ID: 662 6310 1597

9:20 – logging in to Zoom, checking list of participants
9:30-10:00_Elena Blomgren: How a right-wing organisation affects democracy in a middle-sized city in Sweden - a qualitative case study.
9:30-10:00_Tomasz Forsberg: Citizens’ Assemblies: a potential transformative method for addressing the wicked problems of climate change. A case study of the Irish Citizens’ Assembly in 2016
10:00-10:30_Juliane Verena Höhle: Bridging Cognitive and Emotional Learning - Didactical Contributions of Constructive Journalism to Climate Change Education
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-11:15_Memory Kamoyo: A review of the use of science in environmental impact assessment reports for dam construction
11:15-11:45_Hanna Nilsson: Labour market integration of immigrants in Stockholm - The role of civil society organisations
11:45-12:15_Sophie Ridler: Opportunities and obstacles transitioning from the fast fashion system towards a more circular fashion system: the designer perspective
12:15-13:10 Lunch break
13:10 – logging in to Zoom, checking list of participants
13:15-13:45_Laura Sophia Messner: Paratransit and Bus Rapid Transit Interaction Approaches and Corresponding Barriers
13:45-14:15_Erdoğan Burak EzeroğluInnovation in mobile healthcare technologies and making healthcare services more accessible and affordable, in the context of SDG Goal 3 and Goal 9
14:15-14:45_Julia Hedwig Schwab: Undermining the Local: Power, Acceptance and Confidence surrounding a Chilean Mining Operation. Social Impacts of the Mining Operation Los Pelambres on the Cuncumén Community
15:00-15:30_Wen-Tien Wang: Case study: future scenarios of Japan’s energy supply system in the aftermath of the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power disaster
15:30-15:55_Xu Xiao Yuan: Benchmarking Take-Back programs: EU mobile phone producers’ WEEE Directive compliance level