Ytvattenhydrologi och miljöanalys

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The scientific basis of the Group is the study of water-related issues in changing environmentas to support the development of policies for sustainable development or disaster risk reduction. Our research aims to better understand the dynamics of human-environment systems, with a focus on hydrological extremes (droughts and floods).

Our research is mainly funded by Swedish (VR and FORMAS) and European (H2020) projects. Moreover, our activies are closely linked to Panta Rhei, the scientific decade (2013–2022) of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) and the Centre of Natural Hazards and Disaster Science (CNDS). The work is also carried out in support of three strategic research goals of the department: Natural Hazards, Climate and Sustainable Development.

Ongoing Research:

Catchment Science

Disaster Risk Reduction

Water and Society

People working within Surface Water Hydrology & Environmental Analysis

Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Professor

Thomas Grabs, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor

Hannah Cloke, Visiting Professor

Claudia Teutschbein, Researcher

Johanna Mård, Researcher

Mattias Winterdahl, Researcher

Korbinian Breinl, Postdoc

Beatriz Quesada Montano, Researcher

Audrey Campeau, PhD Student

Eduardo Reynolds, PhD Student

Elena Mondino, PhD Student

Kenechukwu (Kaycee) Okoli