Master Thesis presentations in Sustainable Development

  • Date: –15:45
  • Location: Geocentrum Småland, Villavägen 16
  • Contact person: Malgorzata Blicharska
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Welcome to Master Thesis presentations in Sustainable Development!

The presentations will take place on 19-20 May (on Zoom) and on 23-25 May (in Geocentrum). During these days 55 master students will present their work (25 on Zoom and 30 in Geocentrum).

Welcome to Presentations Day of the Master thesis in Sustainable Development

Monday 23 of May, GEOCENTRUM, Småland

9:00-9:30_Steven Lee Jonas Reich:  Assessing the health potential of urban green space in an urban planning and design context: a comparative case study in the city of Stockholm on differences in accessibility, quality, and inclusivity

9:30-10:00_Leonie Weber: The climate impact of the bread take-back agreement – A life cycle approach to a sustainable bread supply chain in Sweden.

10:00-10:30_Larissa Patricia Wissert: Servicing or buying new? Estimating the optimal environmental time for car replacement in Sweden – An LCA approach

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-11:15_Shahab Zafar: Justifying the replacement of old car using Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach in times of electric mobility transition in Sweden- in collaboration with Mekonomen Group

11:15-11:45_Maria Båld: Water Scarcity & Migration: A Comparative Case Study of Egypt and Iraq

11:45-12:15_Elisa Gaudermann: Advancing private sector engagement in Integrated Water Resources Management                                                                             

12:15-13:15 Lunch break

13:15-13:45_Alberto Anticoli: Exploring power roles and relations in the water sector in the municipalities of Quillota, La Cruz, La Calera with special emphasis on the role of avocado plantations

13:45-14:15_Lukas Josef Weindl: Hegemony and Power: A Case Study on Water Allocations to Agriculture in the Western Cape, South Africa

14:15-14:45_Jelmer van der Ham: Establishing interdisciplinary and interspatial discrepancies in urban planning: a multi-actor-multi-criteria analysis of the effects of densification on accessibility, and sustainability

14:45-15:15_Joana Paiva Rebola: Energy systems and urban circularity: evaluating the performance of district heating and cooling systems according to the circular economy principles

15:15-15:45_Léa Gaudron-Arlon: Gender Gap in Cycling: Investigating the Role of the Gendered Meanings Attached to Cycling in Lyon, France