Master thesis presentations in Sustainable Development 15-16 September

Master thesis presentations in Sustainable Development 15-16 September

Wednesday 15 September on Zoom

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8:45-9:15_Paola Apestegui: Social Sustainability in Marine Governance: The Case of Barra del Colorado, Costa Rica.

9:15-9:45_Sophia zu Lynar: Viability of forest sustainability certification to curb deforestation and support deforestation free supply chains for non timber forest products.

9:45-10:10_Karolin Joelsson: ‘Look to the young’- a study on climate change coping among emerging adults.


10:25-10:50_Derek Bradley Garfield: Local Carbon Budgets as a Governance.

Tool for Sustainability Transitions: A Case Study from Västra Götaland.

10:50-11:15_Luciano Kubli Sobrino: Doing Global Online Action Research for Environmental Justice and Democracy.

11:15-11:40_ Viktoria Haarni: Degrowth - An analysis of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Thursday 16 September on Zoom

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8:45-9:15_Tanyew Mischa Herbert Singer: Wooden Photovoltaic Module Frames: Proof of Concept, Life Cycle Assessment and Cost Analysis.

9:15-9:45_Daniel Martey Mensah Junior: Digital literacy for Sustainable Forest Management practices among Individual Owners in Sweden.

9:45-10:15_Daniel Ismail Eriksson: Design and evaluation of black soldier fly larvae and frass compost separator.


10:30-11:00_Byron Alejandro Gálvez Campos: The Role of Emotions in Ontological Conflicts: A Case Study of the Territorial Conflict Between the State of British Columbia, Coastal Gaslink, and the Wet’suewet’ens.

11:00-11:30_Robin Andersson: The role of Swedish municipalities in ensuring food preparedness ahead of and during crises.

11:30-12:00_Lei Wang: Predicting lithium production in the future and its impact on the EU´s demands.