Gotland rauks. Photo.
Sea stacks (rauks) at Gamlahamn on Fårö, Gotland. An example of a Swedish geotourism destination.

The project Fostering geoturism on Central Baltic islands aims to increase public awareness about our common geoheritage. By preparing well-illustrated full-colour books/travel guides and educational video films and distribute them for example to museums, tourist informations, teachers and schools we hope to promote geological sites to a wider audience. The aim is that local authorities, tourism experts and agencies as well as educational leaders can use this increased awareness to develop and manage both site-specific and cross-border geotourism activities.

The project is financed by Interreg IVa and is a collaboration between Uppsala University and NGO Geoguide Baltoscandia in Estonia.

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The Kaalicrater in Estonia

The more than 100 metre large Kaalicrater on Saaremaa (Ösel) in Estonia was formed by a meterorite impact a few thousand years ago. Today a popular spot for geotourists.